As wine grower of the “Old World” I feel part of this tradition which, born thousands of years ago, has gone through the centuries giving us a great cultural heritage.

I wish our work in the vineyard and in the cellar could produce not only an excellent wine but also a tool capable to carry on the Dialogue around the meaning of our past in relation to a future full of challenges.
Reopen the wine’s world, which is liable more and more to close itself into the mass production or into the hedonistic cult of labels, to the much larger universe of Art and cultural dialogue, is the basis of the unquiet spirit of this research, from which Materia Prima project was born.

Piergiorgio Castellani

About Materia Prima Foundation

Materia Prima is an “Art sanctuary” created by Piergiorgio Castellani in one of the most celebrated of his family wine estates in Tuscany. The Ceppaiano Villa host an art residency non-profit project which future up and coming artists from around the world to come and cultivate their craft in the vineyard estate, free of cost and fully supplied. Materia Prima art residency will be supported also thanks to the proceeds of the Keith Haring wine.

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