Ceppaiano estate, located in the heart of a new production area in Tuscany.

The Ceppaiano Estate is the latest addition to the constellation of the historic vineyards owned by the Castellani family. The idea to cultivate vines on the extreme western border of the production area of Chianti, just 20 kilometers from the Tyrrhenian Sea on the hilly lands on the ancient banks of the Arno river, originates from a meeting between the visionary English wine expert Simon Farr and Piergiorgio Castellani, both looking for a new way to tell the great Tuscan wine tradition.

The creative energies of the Castellani company are thus focused, and under the technical supervision of the agronomist Alessandro Moretto and the oenologist Sabino Russo, the old vineyards are restored and fifty adding hectares are planted, setting high enological goals.

The presence of a vinification cellar within the estate and the use of integrated techniques of organic farming, allow the preservation of the purity of the fruit during cultivation, harvesting and processing.

Italy and especially Tuscany with its rolling hills, ancient villages and sun-kissed vineyards is a place of dreams. The Castellani Family wines are produced in this land for more than six generations.

Castellani Spa is one of the most important Italian wineries, owned by the Castellani family, which exports wines since 1903. Today the company exports quality Italian wines in 46 countries worldwide.

Who we are

Piergiorgio Castellani


“I spent my childhood, my youth and part of my adult life in a province, a very beautiful province: Tuscany, but still a province. During college years I wandered and I became passionate about many things: theater, art, travel, the human mind. And then to the mystery of Nature: the sea, the countryside and its fruits, the mountains, the sky, the sincere grandeur and the sacredness of our wonderful planet. I produce and sell my wine, I am the father of two children and I live with Chiara, my wife and mother of my children, happily, surrounded by our vineyards”

Sabino Russo


In my opinion viticulture in Italy is special because it preserves the territory, taking care of the landscape, keeping traditions and the oenological history and allowing many wine-lovers to visit wineries and taste excellent products from North to South of Italy.

Alessandro Moretto


University of Pisa

Five-year Degree, Agronomy and Science of plant production

Cantine Castellani, dal 1903.